It has been a looong loooong time. lol

I miss writing.. I love writing for myself especially. lol… Looks like I haven’t written about my wedding party and my life after married. Until now I still can't believe that he chose me as his wife. Its lucky for me, I guess. I love him so much.

We held the wedding party on December 27th, 2015. So we just had our 2nd anniversary yesterday. It was the happiest moment in our life. It just took several hours, though. After married we live with my parents until now. He thinks that if we live in a house for two, it will be too lonely. 

Well, at first my husband decided to open a Japanese restaurant near our my parent's house. He opened it with my mom several months before our wedding. After working, I helped them too. I’m working in a Japanese course for trainee who wants to work in Japan. I finish work at 5 pm. The restaurant closed at 9 pm. So I could help them around 2 or 3 hours. It run well at first but somehow it became worse after a year. Since my mother sometimes should go to Jakarta to help my cousin, sometimes they closed the restaurant. I think it’s the reason why it didn’t run well as before. Because the restaurant didn’t run well, my husband closed it and choose to work in the office where I work as the staff. It run until now. So much things happen both in the office or in the house. I should say thanks to God that I have a husband like him.

However, we still try, trying hard in order to get a job in Japan again. Actually I’d got a job in Japan after I sent the CV and did the interview on April this year. They said that I should go to Japan this July. We were so happy. But Allah gave us more beautiful present for us. Allah gave a baby for us. Several days after the interview, I knew that I was pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. We’re waiting for it too, and Allah gives the best for us. We believe that. So I’m 9 months pregnant now. The doctor said that I will give birth around January 4th. We are truly happy. Since I’m pregnant, I can’t take the job I got so I just continued my last job. I’ve been taking a long holiday since two weeks ago. I don’t do anything at home and it’s so boriiiiiing. Is there anyone know what should I do in such kind of condition?



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when I can say nothing

Hey you! Looks like I miss you. Or I miss our past. You were not my boyfriend or I ever said that I love you or you said that you love me. You’re just someone who I always spend a lot of fun time with. Fun time? Freak time? Hard time? whatever..

I just miss it. Sometimes I think that there’s something unfinished between us. Do you think the same? It’s too late to discuss it, though since I’m married now. But still, I really want to know about us. What do you think about our past. Is it only me who think that there was something between us or you have the same one.

When I just came back from Japan, we met in a friend’s house. My brother, our friends, you and I. You asked “you said that you wanna say something to me”. Well, that was the first time I lied to you, I guess. By saying, “what?! Just forget it because I forgot about it”. Actually I just couldn’t say it in front of the others. T^T

Don’t you miss our time? You said that everything will be fine although I’m married. You and I and our friends could be along. May be the condition is little bit different. But I think it's tooooo different. You even don't wanna go home to our home town. You said that you don't have any reason to go home.

Did I hurt you? I just wanna know, did I hurt you? T^T I know that I couldn’t tell all of these words to you because I don’t wanna hurt my husband. And I think it’s too too late. Isn’t it?

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long time no write

hi.. long time no news.. I had a lot, though. Somehow I can`t have enough time to write. hehe..

A! I`ve been home since two months ago. I`m so sad that I have to leave Japan and all of my lovely friends and family there. I`m sure that I can go there again one day. Aamiin..

I work in a LPK in Colomadu as a Japanese teacher. I`m not really good in Japanese, though. hehe.. I`m still studying Japanese now. I`m trying to do what I want. I`ve met some old friends here. I`m so happy since I can always be with my parents and my younger brother. I also met my lovely sugar. Love him so much.. We`re trying to make our future. hehe.. Bless us, ya Allah. aamiin..

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Let`s start to write

It`s really surprise me when I got an annual report of my blog then it`s just a post in 2014. OMG.. where have you been, Ta?! I don`t know, may be I`m getting lazy to write. Getting lazy or you`re lazy?! Yeah, I`m a lazy girl. Whatever..

It`s just two months left before I go back to Indonesia. It` s so much fun here, I don`t wanna go home but I miss my family so much.. It`s winter here and it makes me really wanna go home soon. There`s a lot of things to think. What will I do after I`m Indonesia?! Think about marriage, jobs, my family and so on. It makes me tired somehow. It’s just like I’m waiting to start a new life but I`m still confused about what I`m going to do.

I hope I can live here forever. I love everything I have in Japan except my work. I love all of my friends here, they`re really nice. Not all of them are Japanese. I met some wonderful friends here like Hana and his husband, Taka. Jessica and her daughter Julia. They`re the closest I have here. I also have adopted Japanese parents  but they`re so busy these days so we can`t always be together. I`ll miss them so much..

I`m getting cold now, so I didn`t go anywhere today. It`s holiday, though. Actually I really wanted to come to Hana`s English caffe today but it`s a windy day so I decided not to go anywhere. T^T It`s a hard windy day. こわいいいいい〜〜

Is it better for me to sleep soon?? Yeah, I guess so.

*I`m so,… I just think that my English and my Japanese are getting worst and worst day  by day.. What should I do?? T^T

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2014 in review ~No time to write~ T^T

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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My new year holiday 2013~2014

あまり 覚えないけど、ちょっと お正月のやすみのこと教えたい。2013年にさいごのしごとは29日にやった。それはだてのいちにやった仕事、だからパパといっしょ。さいごの仕事だから、いっぱいおかしをもらった。パパからとか、ながぬまーさんとか、すずきーさんからももらった。いいな〜 でも、うれしかったことはそれじゃなくて、だてのいちーさんたちはみんなやさしいだからね。仕事は楽しくなったよ。今日の冬私はアイーちゃんと二人中国人といっしょだてのいちに仕事した。その中国人たちは日本語があまりわからないから、仕事はちょっとたいへんだった。でも、さいごまではよかったかな〜

30日には一番うれしい日になったよ。^_____^一日ms look といっしょ。すごくうれしかったよ。二人で仙台にあって、本屋さんに行って、日本語の能力試験の本を買った。あ!本屋さんに前の使った本があったよ。英語の本だけど。なつかしいこと。”Interchange”と言う。五千円ぐらい。買いたいんですけど、高いよね。:P 本屋さんに行ってから、Loft に 行った。ms look はクレプスを食べようと言ったから、Loft に 行って、おいのりして、二人でクレプスをたべた。美味しかったし、買ってくれたし。:)終わったら、インドネシアの料理をうってる店に食べた。行ってみてだって。そっちでいろいろなイスラム教のことを話した。すぎはアニメトに行った。私の大好き店。いろいろなめいたんていコナンのものをかった。15分ぐらいで二千五百円ぐらいかかった。(笑)帰る時に歩いてだから、ちょっと寒かったけど、うれしかった。手を握りって、やってくれたよ。その日に忘れられないかな〜。あ!時間はぎりぎりだったけど、自分で作ったケーキをあげた。美味しいかどうかわからないけど。(笑)また二人でどこも行きたい。かみさま、おねがいします。^^

31日にはベトナムの友達とあおばじょうに遊びに行った。同じ会社でアルバイトした。anh phúcと言う。


やさしい男だよ。ちょっとplayboyですけどね。ベトナムのかのじょいるし、日本のかのじょもいるし。そんなことを教えてくれたって、うれしかった。anh phúcは私にしんじているから。あおばじょうは私の好きな場所だよ。きれいな仙台けしきを見えるから。あっちにanh phúcと遊んで、いっぱい写真をとって、いろいろなことを話した。楽しかったよ。帰った時にアイーちゃんから電話してくれて、私のパソコンもう来たと言われたから、大河原に行っちゃった。でも、風がひいたから、へんずすがあった。すごくいたかった。(T^T) もう何も言えなかった。大河原来て、すぐ寝たかったけど、ぜんぜん寝られなかった。wahyu-くんから薬をもらったから、良かった。すぐ寝て、朝起きた時にもうなおった。



2日。仙台はつりに見に行った。新しいミキサーを買った。ブラックフォレストを作るため。ぜひ作りたいけど、今まではバナナケーキだけ作った。(笑) 仙台はつりにいろいろなものはもっともっと安くなるよ。仙台はつりは毎年1月の1日から6日までにあった。一年間に一回だけあるだから、その時にいっぱい人がいるよ。去年に二万五千円カメラは一万五千円で買った。今年、三千円ミキサーは一千五百円ぐらいで買った。ほかの買ったものはかめんライダーベルト。ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ やっとKivaのベルトがあった。今からへんしんができるよ。(笑)


3日。お昼にみんなで先生の家に遊びに来た。リンダーちゃんはかれしと一緒だから、行けなかった。先生の家でもちを食べた。日本ではお正月に家族と一緒もちを食べているよ。去年はパパママの家にやった。今年は先生の家にやった。先生の家にいろいろな日本のお正月食べ物を食べさせた。さしみや、もち入ってるスープや、いそべまきなど。あっちには先生の息子と先生のまごとあった。先生のまごはもうすぐ2才になる。あかりーちゃんと言う。かわいいいいいいいまご。ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ tikaにこわかったけどね。T^T もうすぐあかりーちゃんの兄弟生まれるから、あとあかりーちゃんのママは入院するから、れんしゅうのために、あの時にはじめてあかりーちゃんはあかりーちゃんのママとわけられた。かわいそうかな〜

4日。ハナーちゃんと一緒。ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ お正月にハナーちゃんの足が怪我したから、大変だったよ。ふつはハナーちゃんの家から学校まで5分で歩けるけど、この間は20分ぐらいかかった。(´・_・`) 本当に頑張ったよ。最初、子供のクラスがあって、ちょっと難しかったと思って。本当に若い人たちに教えてあげられない。それはtikaね。でも、ハナーちゃんはよくできるよ。子供たちは英語が上手になっているよ。すばらしいこと。そのクラス終わってから、英語カフェがあって、おばーさん一人ととしーくんと一緒。みんなは英語でさべれたよ。んで、インドネシアにはそんな事がないよ。としよりなんだけど、また頑張って英語を勉強して。いいな〜 私もハナーちゃんと同じ事をやりたい。インドネシアに帰ってから、頑張って英語を教える。ファイト!! p(^_^)q


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Some of my new experiences

I don`t have enough free time to share something on my blog recently. I don`t know whether it`s  because of the free time or the tool that isn`t enough for me to share. You know I still don`t have any PC here. hehe.. I made a lot of new friends recently. I`m so happy when making new friends. Do you know why? I think that making new friends will make me getting new story or knowledge. I also will get a lot of connection. Someone told me that sometimes your dream will come true when you share your dream to the others. That`s possible I guess. Some times we will meet someone that has same dream with us or he can help us to get our dream. The first I`d like to share is about my lovely sista Hana Suzuki. She has everything I dreamed. You know how it feels when meeting someone who has already had everything you dreamed. A word, “WOW”. She is an American. She is 29 years old beautiful woman. She`s married Japanese so she lives in Shiogama. She has her own English School in Shiogama. I like her so much. I learn English and English teaching method from her. Sometimes I hang out with her or come to her school to join her English class. It`s really fun. We share not only about teaching but also about our private life. A! I also have met her husband, Takayuki Suzuki. He`s Japanese but he`s not like a Japanese. He speaks in English all the time. They have a handsome smart boy. He`s Taiyou. He`s so cool. ^^ They invited me in their school`s Halloween party several days ago. It was fun. I met some new friends there and I could see many children there. So much smile.. ^^ I wish I had a lot time to share with her.


Several days ago, I went to Katsura island again with some friends. That`s what I called HOLIDAY. I had a lot of fun there. I brought my Yotsuba with me so I took many pictures of her. I think she also had a lot of fun there. hahaha.. I met some new friends in Katsura island. They’re really nice. They’re doing such volunteer job there when we met. They cleaned the beach where we visited. Akane chan, Ayae chan, Nagano san, Lee and the others. We took some pictures there.

Looks great, right!! And it was. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ from Katsura island, we also had dinner together in a restaurant in Sendai. That was my first time visited a restaurant in Sendai served Indonesian food. I ordered “mie goreng”. It’s quite good but not for “nasi goreng”. Yeah, may be it’s because the japanese chef did it so it’s not like the original one. But we had fun there. Akane chan and Ayae chan showed me a place to take cosplay photo. Really wanna try it but I still don’t have enough time to go there. A! Finally I said, I prefer Katsura island to Matsushima island. Matsushima is bigger and more famous, though. 🙂

I also visited Akiyu waterfall. I planed to go alone but mbak Eka also came with me then. Both of us haven’t gone there before but we got there. It’s a nice trip, it’s a cold day though. Unfortunately we only had really limited time there. It’s because we got there by bus. This tourism attraction is really good but unfortunately the public transportation isn’t enough. If we don’t have our own vehicle, it’s beter if we get the bus on time. The bus is only available on Saturday and Sunday and there are only two buses. First is before noon and the second one is after noon. It’s better if we take the first one. We will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful scenery there.




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