My first IHT class

hoyooooo.. Yesterday I was extremely stressful with IHT class. Wew.. I thought that it would be really difficult and make so many butterflies fly in my stomach when facing teachers as our students.. Hoyoooo.. But fortunately, It’s fun.. hahaha.. I interview them one by one. Hmmm.. hagh hagh hagh.. boleh – boleh.. hmmm.. senyum – senyum..

:::::::::::::::::::  ^_______________^ ::::::::::::::::

Hari ni, latihan yang cukup melelahkan.. huff.. ada nervous juga.. Piye ya.. mungkin karna gw emang bener – bener masih cupu.. T______T Haduw.. Douka kami sama, boku ni yuuki wo kudasai.. mv_____vm


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  1. 1

    nurrahman said,

    IHT apaan yah?

    numpang lewat, salam kenal by nurrahman 😀

  2. 2

    ranmouri17 said,

    In House Training mas.. Tu kls bhs inggris bwt guru” mas.. Mw ikut?? ^______^

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