De Jepara..

First, I wanna say “Congratulation” for both of my Senpai. I went to Jepara yesterday in my Senpai’s wedding party. I went there with my friends. They’re Mbak rinrun, Nii- chan and his GF. It’s a long looooooooong journey. We went there by bus. It took about 4 – 5 hours. Huuuuuuf..

Yeah.. Yesterday was my patient test day. Hohohohoho.. I faced them (onii-chan and his GF) again.  I’d to face them in about 12 hours.. hagh hagh hagh.. A day before I was sure that everything would be fine. Then, it was but.. only at the first. Ha.. ha.. It started when they came to my house because we’d decided that we met there. Smile and smile.. really nice smile, I guess.. hahaha..
Then we continued to the bus station. Of course I sat with mbak rinrun and they sat together. Unfortunately, I sat behind them. Hohoho.. It forced me to see them along the trip. I tried to see some sceneries beside me but sometime it hurt my neck. T_____T A poor trip. Hehehe.. Thanks God, we arrived there in the good condition. We met Luluk n’ Lilik Senpai. They’re really happy when we came. ^______^  At Lilik’s house, weeeeew.. I was speechless when they started to tease Nii-chan and his GF. Hooooooaaaa.. My heart was saying “sante de’.. sante..”. I always thought about what he thought about me  at that time. This blablabla condition’s continued until I went home. On the way home, mbak rinrun said that we were like their clamps.  Hmmm.. I just gave her a forced smile.

I always feel that someone takes my nii-chan from me.. but actually, I’d given him. Hahaha.. Baka!!

On the way home, I realized that I haven’t given back nii-chan’s right position in my heart. Hehe.. Ya, actually, it’s still in process. But, I think it’s better if I don’t meet them first. Hehehe.. However, sometimes I miss him so much. But it’s better for me not to call or meet him or them.


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    seramun said,

    yeah, sing sabar yo tik. akan terhapus brsama waktu. hehe

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