My japanese life -work-


From july till this august 10th, some of my friends and I were appointed to help Datenoichi kaisha. It’s little bit boring coz we only packed all day long, and no one talked to us. つまらないかな。。but several days later we found a different situation, it’s really a comfortable working place. The staff and the owner are very kind. The owner is an old lady, but she’s full of spirit. I admire her so much. Although she’s old and very rich woman, she did everything bu herself. She did the same thing like us. Packing, lifting boxes, cleaning the trash..

The staffs are also great staffs. The most I like is Komatsu san, he is 52 yearsold but he’s too handsome in his old. He always helps us and he never let us get tired. He loves us and we love them so much. The next is Nanganuma san or obake (ghost) san. He’s in 40s, I guess. He’s really an interesting man. Always makes us laugh with his words or his behaviour. He always makes fun of his buchou.. He copies the buchou’s behaviours and words all the time. The most attractive thing from him is his smell. Woooaaa.. Really good smell. We really wanna know what his parfume is. Hahaha.. Next is Aya chan. A kind woman. We didn’t talk much with her coz she’s really busy. She can do the man’s job. She’s energic. Next is okazaki-san. She looks like a mother for us, I guess. I wonder why in her age, she hasn’t married yet. She’s beautiful and kind. Next is the buchou -manager-, ちょっと へん だとおもいます。hehehe.. But he’s also kind. He’s old and always confuses of himself. Hahaha.. Next is suzuki-san. She’s small but she’s pretty. Funny and kind. She’s like nurul arifin.. Eum, my friends said so. The last id matsumoto-san. She’s kind but less talk. My friends call her step mother. I didn’t agree with them.
Ya thats it. Datenoichi is the best place for me.. Full of love and make me comfortable when I work. I hope this winter I can work there again. Help me God. Amiin

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