My japanese life -society-

August 22nd, 2012. I’m so happy today. Nothing can change the day. We spent all day long with Komatsu-san – I’ve told about him in my last post- . Linda-chan, Ai-chan, and I. We hangout with Komatsu-san and his wife -satomi san- together.

Komatsu-san and his wife picked us up at 9.00 am. We went to the movie. It’s the first time I wento to Japan’s movie theather. We watched ‘the avengers’. I like it. But actually Komatsu-san didn’t really like it. Maybe it’s just about the time, we watched that movie. I sat beside him. After it, we had lunch in Sendai library. Great great library. Wonderful building with a good view. I love that place but I don’t think I can use that library well. Yeah, kanji. (ーー;)we had lunch in a resto in front if the library entry. Hmmmm.. Nice lunch. It’s warm feeling. Komatsu-san and his wife are nice. They make us comfortable. With my limited Japanese, they can understand me. After the lunch, we went to their house. Mukyaaaa.. We’re really happy. We really wanna go to their house and they allow us. Wawawa.. Nice house. We love it. It’s comfortable house. They have a sweet cat. ‘mango’. I’m not sure I gave a great spelling.

Ya.. I love this day. We talk many things.. Finally, they’re like our parent. We love it. We really enjoy the day. I wish I could spend more more more time with them. Bless them God. Amiin


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