My japanese life -holiday-

Today is a holiday. We went to some places with komatsu-san but unfortunately satomi-san couldn’t go with us. It’s really fun today. We’re so happy. At first we went to a lake. A big and beautiful lake but I forget the name. We took some pictures there. Tanoshii neeee.. After that we went to a world glass museum. A great place but there are so many expensive jewelleries. I saw a big jewel there. It’s bigger than a soccer ball. Sugoiiii neee.. The most I like of this place is the building. The architechture is great. After looked around, we had lunch at Yoshinoya. We ate gyudon rice. Oshikatta. (^∇^)last we went to a castle. Tsurugajou castle. Waaaaaw.. I found a castle that I want to see. Sugoii. It imagines Japan. There are five floors.  There’s a museum about Japan history inside the building. At the top floor we could see a beautiful scenery. Yeah, everything will be really beutiful if we see it from the top, I guess. But I hate the way to the castle. There are many ohaka -tombs- kowaiiiiiii.

Yeah, we always be happy when we’re with komatsu-san. I hope we can do many other things with him. Not only travelling but also cooking, cleaning the house, etc.

I don’t know why but I feel safe because of his kindness. He is just like my father. I hope we’ll always be a family till the end. Amiin..

Thankyou very much komatsu-san


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