my second tsunami warning

じかん が あまり ありませんから、えいご で かきます。^^!

I don’t have enough time to write but I want to write. hehe.. Have I told about my work? Since November 12th, 2012, I’ve been working in Datenoichi. Yeeeeeey.. My wish come true. よかったねええええ。。^^ I can work with papa and the other Datenoichi’s family. ^^

Then about tsunami, yesterday around 5.15 pm when I was working in Datenoichi, a big earthquake happened. It went up and down. It took several minutes. Then finally we got tsunami warning. mukyaaaaa。。こわいいいい。。But alhamdulillah.. thanks God, we were in Datenoichi and papa was there. Papa asked us to go to his car. We went together by papa’s car. Linda, ari, teh ai, papa and I. Ari and teh Ai was so scared. They cried. Linda and I worried. I wasn’t scared because papa was there with me. ぱぱ が いるから、こわくなかった。But I worried about my friends. How about the other?I tried to call all of my friends but it’s too difficult. May be it’s about the signal. But finally, I could get in touch with Mei. Then I asked her where she was and with whom. She said that all of our friends except mbak Siti and Ido were with her in a safe place. Then I tried to call mbak Siti and Ido. I could get in touch with Ido. She was still on the way but she didn’t know about the safe place so I guide her by phone and finally Ido could meet Mei and the other. How about mbak Siti?? I still couldn’t get her voice. I still worried. hmmmm.. I only waited. Papa looked so worried. Yesterday was so cold. Around 7.30 pm, the tsunami warning was cancelled. Papa drove us to ryou, and on the way to ryou, mbak Siti called me. よかったね。。It made me relieved.

Alhamdulillah.. thanks God.

Alhamdulillah.. ぱぱ が いるから。

Alhamdulillah.. 13人 は りょう に もどりました。

Alhamdulillah.. つなみ が こなかった。

でも、”明日 おなじ じかん に しごと、おねがいします” ~ぶちょう の いった。 T^T

It made me weird.. we were so panic but when tsunami was cancelled, it became normally like there’s nothing happened. OMG.. weiiiiirrrrd…



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