free time

It’s Wednesday and because of fish market’s holiday, I get a holiday too. I have some free time and really wanna do it! yeah, bloggin’.. ^^

Sometimes I think it’s like a dream, I’ve been here. Japan. A country I dreamed before and now my dream comes true. I feel weird sometimes, hey! You’re in a far far far place from home. Papa mama and adek aren’t here with me. I’ll be here for 3 years, eum.. no! 2 years left. Sometimes I feel lonely, I miss my past life when I could laugh with my students or my friends but sometimes I really wanna live here forever. I really love this country. I prefer Japan to Indonesia but my family and my life are there. But thanks God, thanks for loving me that much, thanks for everything You gave to me. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah.. Even though I’m far from my lovely family and friends but You gave me so many kind and lovely people around me here.

I wish I could stay here, married here and live well here forever. Amiin..

Married?? Oh my God.. Hum, I have to! but It’s so scary, I guess.. hahahaha.. I’ve told papa that I’d like to marry a Japanese. ~> the next dream. hahahaha.. I know, It’s difficult. No, It’s really difficult. Different lifestyle, different culture, different religion and so on. T^T  buuuuut.. yeah, It’s my dream and no one knows the future.

Whatever.. A! last Sunday I met onii-chan.. We went to ‘Hote matsuri’. It was a great day. Once more, I met a nice Japanese and his nice friends. Thanks God. We went to a food festival and saw ‘Omikoshi’. We took some picture. I got a nice picture of Musubimaru-chan. It’s the mascot of Miyagi prefecture. It’s so cute, It has ‘onigiri’ head. Kawaiiiiiiii.. And I also took a picture with onii-chan but I wasn’t in a nice pose, I guess.. T^T Wish I could take a picture one more time with him. ~___~”

Jaaaaa.. See ya!


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