Some of my new experiences

I don`t have enough free time to share something on my blog recently. I don`t know whether it`s  because of the free time or the tool that isn`t enough for me to share. You know I still don`t have any PC here. hehe.. I made a lot of new friends recently. I`m so happy when making new friends. Do you know why? I think that making new friends will make me getting new story or knowledge. I also will get a lot of connection. Someone told me that sometimes your dream will come true when you share your dream to the others. That`s possible I guess. Some times we will meet someone that has same dream with us or he can help us to get our dream. The first I`d like to share is about my lovely sista Hana Suzuki. She has everything I dreamed. You know how it feels when meeting someone who has already had everything you dreamed. A word, “WOW”. She is an American. She is 29 years old beautiful woman. She`s married Japanese so she lives in Shiogama. She has her own English School in Shiogama. I like her so much. I learn English and English teaching method from her. Sometimes I hang out with her or come to her school to join her English class. It`s really fun. We share not only about teaching but also about our private life. A! I also have met her husband, Takayuki Suzuki. He`s Japanese but he`s not like a Japanese. He speaks in English all the time. They have a handsome smart boy. He`s Taiyou. He`s so cool. ^^ They invited me in their school`s Halloween party several days ago. It was fun. I met some new friends there and I could see many children there. So much smile.. ^^ I wish I had a lot time to share with her.


Several days ago, I went to Katsura island again with some friends. That`s what I called HOLIDAY. I had a lot of fun there. I brought my Yotsuba with me so I took many pictures of her. I think she also had a lot of fun there. hahaha.. I met some new friends in Katsura island. They’re really nice. They’re doing such volunteer job there when we met. They cleaned the beach where we visited. Akane chan, Ayae chan, Nagano san, Lee and the others. We took some pictures there.

Looks great, right!! And it was. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ from Katsura island, we also had dinner together in a restaurant in Sendai. That was my first time visited a restaurant in Sendai served Indonesian food. I ordered “mie goreng”. It’s quite good but not for “nasi goreng”. Yeah, may be it’s because the japanese chef did it so it’s not like the original one. But we had fun there. Akane chan and Ayae chan showed me a place to take cosplay photo. Really wanna try it but I still don’t have enough time to go there. A! Finally I said, I prefer Katsura island to Matsushima island. Matsushima is bigger and more famous, though. 🙂

I also visited Akiyu waterfall. I planed to go alone but mbak Eka also came with me then. Both of us haven’t gone there before but we got there. It’s a nice trip, it’s a cold day though. Unfortunately we only had really limited time there. It’s because we got there by bus. This tourism attraction is really good but unfortunately the public transportation isn’t enough. If we don’t have our own vehicle, it’s beter if we get the bus on time. The bus is only available on Saturday and Sunday and there are only two buses. First is before noon and the second one is after noon. It’s better if we take the first one. We will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful scenery there.





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