Let`s start to write

It`s really surprise me when I got an annual report of my blog then it`s just a post in 2014. OMG.. where have you been, Ta?! I don`t know, may be I`m getting lazy to write. Getting lazy or you`re lazy?! Yeah, I`m a lazy girl. Whatever..

It`s just two months left before I go back to Indonesia. It` s so much fun here, I don`t wanna go home but I miss my family so much.. It`s winter here and it makes me really wanna go home soon. There`s a lot of things to think. What will I do after I`m Indonesia?! Think about marriage, jobs, my family and so on. It makes me tired somehow. It’s just like I’m waiting to start a new life but I`m still confused about what I`m going to do.

I hope I can live here forever. I love everything I have in Japan except my work. I love all of my friends here, they`re really nice. Not all of them are Japanese. I met some wonderful friends here like Hana and his husband, Taka. Jessica and her daughter Julia. They`re the closest I have here. I also have adopted Japanese parents  but they`re so busy these days so we can`t always be together. I`ll miss them so much..

I`m getting cold now, so I didn`t go anywhere today. It`s holiday, though. Actually I really wanted to come to Hana`s English caffe today but it`s a windy day so I decided not to go anywhere. T^T It`s a hard windy day. こわいいいいい〜〜

Is it better for me to sleep soon?? Yeah, I guess so.

*I`m so,… I just think that my English and my Japanese are getting worst and worst day  by day.. What should I do?? T^T


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