when I can say nothing

Hey you! Looks like I miss you. Or I miss our past. You were not my boyfriend or I ever said that I love you or you said that you love me. You’re just someone who I always spend a lot of fun time with. Fun time? Freak time? Hard time? whatever..

I just miss it. Sometimes I think that there’s something unfinished between us. Do you think the same? It’s too late to discuss it, though since I’m married now. But still, I really want to know about us. What do you think about our past. Is it only me who think that there was something between us or you have the same one.

When I just came back from Japan, we met in a friend’s house. My brother, our friends, you and I. You asked “you said that you wanna say something to me”. Well, that was the first time I lied to you, I guess. By saying, “what?! Just forget it because I forgot about it”. Actually I just couldn’t say it in front of the others. T^T

Don’t you miss our time? You said that everything will be fine although I’m married. You and I and our friends could be along. May be the condition is little bit different. But I think it's tooooo different. You even don't wanna go home to our home town. You said that you don't have any reason to go home.

Did I hurt you? I just wanna know, did I hurt you? T^T I know that I couldn’t tell all of these words to you because I don’t wanna hurt my husband. And I think it’s too too late. Isn’t it?


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